20 Jul

"Well, it has been a while since my last post, but I have decided to venture into the the world of drawing and sketching these last few weeks.  I have taken a virtual online class to work on my drawing skills, and honestly, I can tell you that my drawing skills are not that great.  I understand that it is a process and continuous practice is essential.  i have also looked at some illustrators on Fivre and noticed that there just people gifted by God to draw and sketch. Besides this, I have also looked into bettering my health and have shed at least twelve pounds these last few months. I am still not at my ideal weight of 220 pounds yet.  It will probably take me five more months to get to my goal. I do happen to have a full-time job at Walmart right now; I am very thankful for this position due to its benefits and the pay. I will show a little of my sketches on my youtube channel, Mister Tay Tay in these next few days.


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