02 Feb

February is known as Black History Month and National Read-A-Loud Month; therefore, my newsletter for this week is going to focus on the lives of Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr., and Booker T. Washington. In regards to Harriet Tubman, I admire her for her faith in Jesus Christ and boldness in freeing so many African  American slaves from bondage. Similarly, Jesus Christ has freed us from the chains of our sin by dying on the cross. 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as you may know, was a preacher that favored non-violent protest during the 1960's and gave his I Have a Dream speech.  Speaking of which, I have written a children's book, called What  Would It Have Been. It is a reaction to his speech at the Lincoln Memorial. There is a link in the newsletter that you can see it.

Another African American I look up to is Booker T. Washington. He was born a slave and did not start to read until he was twelve years old. I read his book Up from Slavery from the Shelbyville Public Library. It was an inspirational read. When Pastor Rick Amitin had us do a personal file, I discovered that I exhibited characteristics and qualities of Booker T. Washington and Abraham (the patriarch of Judaism).  Booker T. Washington was also a founder of Tuskegee Institute, now a college in Alabama. If you click on his image in the newsletter, you will see a lot of inspirational quotes.

I have also inserted a sermon from Dr. Tony Evans along with his picture in this newsletter. He does a Biblical study of the cupbearer, Nehemiah.

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