06 Apr

Well, here I am again.  It is 11:35 p.m., and I still have not fallen asleep.  I might have to start counting sheep in Spanish or something or just start doing a nightly blog.  All in all, I would say that I have had a productive day. I did happen to have my writing consultation at 2:00 p.m., and it was great to hear how far in advance I was into starting an online business.  I did get a few paragraphs in the new book, Humble Beginnings.  I know that this book is a work in progress and will take at least five months to complete.  

This book will have no pictures within it; it will consist of times where God has humbled me and given me direction.  I know that the next day (Tuesday) is going to be a little bit different; I will be calling Tracy Winters from Greensburg, IN and seeing if he could publish my book about our nations flag. 

I know that I have left this book sit on the side for three years.  I tried the raise $2,000 using kickstarter but I was not successful in coming up with the money.  I believe this time I am going to do a $1,000 deposit down on doing the book this time and will come up with the other money by raising $1,000 using kickstarter and/or paying a monthly check of $300.00.  I know that this is a overdue project, but I have noticed a lot of likes on the flag on the flag facebook page. I have not planned too much on YouTube these last few weeks, because I am on vocal rest.  I do happen to have nodes on my vocal cords, so I am focusing mostly on writing in my blog.  I will try to do one YouTube video this week.  Other plans consist on taking some drawing classes.  The reason why I am taking this art class is to practice drawing a cover page of Martin Luther King Jr. This also will benefit me by saving me money on illustration costs.  I might use my cricut too in the illustration process.

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