08 Apr

Blog Day 3: It is April 8, and it is 6:46 in the morning.  I fell asleep soundly on my bed last night and the headache is gone.  Truthfully, I believe it was allergies that was causing the head aches and the change in weather.  I did happen to call Tracy Winters today, and he is still interested in publishing my book about the United States Flag of America.  I will have to send him an updated format of what I want the book to look like.  I must have deleted the original format.  That is okay because I am going to send him a pdf file of the book with pictures and a Microsoft word document. 

 This time around, I do respect all of the work publishers have to do because there is a lot of detail and boxes that they have to go through to make sure that they come up with the right product, so any scaffolding that I can provide will be beneficial for them.  I believe that self-publishing a few of my own books has undoubtedly opened my eyes to this truth. In regards to subbing today, I am teaching at Acton Elementary School in a first-grade classroom.

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