04 Mar

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, a civil rights leader and preacher during the 1960's, was not afraid to express his feelings about segregation and Jim Crow Laws.  He wanted his children to attend the same school that whites and other races were attending;  He wanted his children to have the opportunity to achieve the same dreams that you might have right now.  Some may want to be teachers; others may want to be artists, others may want to go in business.  No matter what your gift, don't be afraid to express yourself.

That is why in August of 2021, I will be launching a new book, titled "What Would It Have Been Like?"  This book will be a little bit different though; it will have blank pages for future artists to express themselves.  Children, teenagers, and adults will be able to close their eyes and draw what they see in their minds.  Most importantly, they will be able to express themselves and be able to use the gift God has given to them.

Here is a short snip bit of me reading a rough draft the book What Would It Have Been Like? 

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